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First Erosion Project Completed

The week of July 7th, the Foundation began and completed our first erosion mitigation project. The work was performed on the North Branch at a site 3 bends below Big Creek on the west bank. For this first project we chose a smaller erosion site to learn the process. Steve Sendek of Northpoint Fisheries Management engineered and oversaw the work. His 2 sons, the property owner, and volunteers from our Foundation Board also provided manual labor in completing this project. The Foundation thanks all of those involved for their time working at this site.

The photo below shows the erosion site prior to remediation.

After all the remediation work was completed, the banks were re-seeded and the owner was advised that a 6-10 foot wide strip next to the river should be left to grow wild with no mowing. The next photos show the bank after restoration using a brush pile, stones and additional soil.

It is important to note that the work did not commence until all necessary permits were obtained from the township and the State of Michigan. This is not a do-it-yourself type of project. It requires permits and an experienced professional to design and supervise the installation work.

This is a first small but important step in our new program to reduce the amount of sand that gets into the North Branch, interfering with the spawning of trout and the lives of the bugs the trout depend on for food.

We will keep you updated on future projects.

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