Sediment is the Number One Threat to the North Branch Watershed

On Saturday afternoon, October 13, two erosion survey teams floated sections of the North Branch to locate and identify erosion sites. Recently trained by John Bailey of Huron Pines, Tom Wessels, Neil Wallace, Greg Bierl, and Bill Anderson teamed up in two man teams and floated two sections. Greg and Bill surveyed from Kellogg Bridge to Wye Bend and Tom and Neil from Wye Bend to the Main Stream confluence. Armed with 100' tape measures, GPS instruments, and cameras, the two teams identified 10 sites, 5 were above Wye Bend and 5 were below. These along with 3 previously identified sites off of Red Dog Trail brought the total to 13. There were 4 sites determined to be minor, 5 moderate, and 4

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